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Caring from the Heart

by Mary Simone Roach
Publisher: Paulist Press
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Religion
Pages: 176 pages
ISBN 13: 0877882487
ISBN 10: 9780877882480
Format: PDF, ePUB, MOBI, Audiobooks, Kindle


This collection of essays on the issue of spirituality within the healthcare field is mainly for caregivers themselves, although some sections are about those receiving care. "Caring From the Heart" is targeted at a broad healthcare market--nurses, medical students and teachers, hospital personnel, hospices, nursing homes, pastoral staffs, and chaplains.
The Heart of Caregiving
Language: en
Pages: 108
Authors: Sonia S. Morrison
Categories: Family & Relationships
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012-01-12 - Publisher: AuthorHouse

I summarize my twenty year journey through health care and education, in search of balance and focus, while maintaining my unconditional love and passion to make things right for loved ones. Journey through the world of caring, healthcare and education Balance unconditional self love and focus on caregiving. Learn How to Harness Your Unlimited Passion and Focus of Self Balance while Providing Healthy Caring Balance reality and self care, while caring for others. Discover unique insight to our connections with self and others. Focus your ability to problem solve creatively. Learn optimum caregiving tips. Caregiver Family Members Learn How to Maintain Self Balance and Focus, with optimum caregiving. "I have had the honor of working with Sonia during my tenure as the Health Promotion & Childbirth Education Coordinator and now the Level II Dept. Secretary at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. She is the utmost professional, very compassionate and respectful of all patients and their families as well as her coworkers. My husband and I had the blessing of her assistance during my mother-in-law's illness and passing - we could not have survived without Sonia's help. Sonia has always responded enthusiastically to my calls for volunteers to work in the community. Evaluations from those who participated always loved her knowledge and enthusiasm. She is a blessing and joy to work with." ~Marta Martinez Fife, CLC, LCCE Academic Executive Assistant at Chartwell School. Harness Your Passion and Healthy Caring This uplifting and inspirational story takes you on a journey with one women of unconditional love, as she travels through the world of healthcare and education, in search of balance and focus. Sonia shares with a focused passion, the story of wisdom collected over twenty years as a caregiver, providing balance for all. Her passion for making things right shines through and has found it's way to balance and focus for caregivers. Her unconventional pairing of leade
The Heart of Justice
Language: en
Pages: 274
Authors: Daniel Engster
Categories: Philosophy
Type: BOOK - Published: 2007-04-26 - Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

The Heart of Justice proposes a new framework of political justice based upon the practice of caring. Integrating the insights of earlier care theorists with the concerns of traditional justice theorists, Engster forges a new synthesis between care and justice, and further argues that the institutional and policy commitments of care theory must be recognized as central to any adequate theory of justice.Engster begins by offering a practice-based account of caring and a theory of obligation that explains why individuals should care for others. He then systematically demonstrates the implications of this account of caring for domestic politics, economics, international relations, and culture. In each of these areas, he reviews the contributions of earlier care theorists and then extends their arguments to provide a more complete description of the institutions and policies of a caring society.Care ethics is further put in dialogue with diverse cultural and religious traditions and used to address the challenges of multicultural justice, cultural relativism, and international human rights.More fully than other works on care theory, this book provides an over-arching account of the institutions and policies of a caring society. The Heart of Justice provides the first full account of a theory of justice based upon care ethics, and should be of interest to anyone interested in thinking about the nature of our moral obligations and the institutions of a just society.
The Heart of Marketing
Language: en
Pages: 215
Authors: Judith Sherven, Jim Sniechowski
Categories: Business & Economics
Type: BOOK - Published: 2009-05-01 - Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

“This book will radically boost your sales. Feeling good about yourself afterwards will just be a nice side effect” (Mark Joyner, author of The Irresistible Offer). This book is about marketing. But more important, this is a book about you, the soft sell marketer—and your desire to market and sell your products and services, online or off, without compromising your personal or professional values. In short, it’s about putting your heart into marketing. Based on the principle that selling is spiritual service, this book validates the power of heart-to-heart connections that lead to emotional authenticity and marketing believability, taking sales beyond mere commercial transactions into long-term customer relationships. For those who want to focus on integrity, avoid deceptive or hard-sell tactics, and maintain a balance between commerce and conscience, it will inspire the imagination—setting the foundation for you to understand and profit from the practice of soft sell marketing.
Caring from the Heart
Language: en
Pages: 211
Authors: Mary Simone Roach
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 1997 - Publisher: Paulist Press

This collection of essays on the issue of spirituality within the healthcare field is mainly for caregivers themselves, although some sections are about those receiving care. "Caring From the Heart" is targeted at a broad healthcare market--nurses, medical students and teachers, hospital personnel, hospices, nursing homes, pastoral staffs, and chaplains.
The Heart & Soul of Caring: The Joys and Challenges of Being a Caregiver
Language: en
Pages: 84
Authors: Robert Sharpe
Categories: Family & Relationships
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-07-28 - Publisher:

The Heart and Soul of Caring highlights 11 unique true stories of the challenges and joys of being a caregiver for a loved one. Each story gives tribute and honor to the care receiver - to the essence of their spirit. Within the stories, you find one personÕs answers to some difficult questions such as: Can you help your mother find peace near end-of-life? What would you do if in an instant the life with your husband changed forever? How would you juggle having to provide care for your elder brother and sister at the same time? How would you cope if someone in your care could not communicate? What youÕll discover are the gifts and blessings that the caregivers receive: a strength of spirit, sense of purpose, giving back to one who was a great provider, and a deep love and connection that transcends time and space.
The Inner Heart of Reiki
Language: en
Pages: 208
Authors: Frans Stiene
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-10-30 - Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

The Inner Heart of Reiki is the first Reiki book to look at the inner heart of the spiritual teachings of the system of Reiki. It will take practitioners and teachers to a whole new level of understanding about their practice and about the way they teach.
Valuing and Supporting Carers
Language: en
Pages: 135
Authors: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Work and Pensions Committee, Terry Rooney
Categories: Law
Type: BOOK - Published: 2008-08-29 - Publisher: The Stationery Office

This report, (HCP 485-I, ISBN 9780215523488), from the Work and Pensions Committee, is entitled "Valuing and Supporting Carers". It examines the issues surrounding the role of carers in society and what the Government needs to do to support them. It is estimated that the public purse saves £87bn each year, from the unpaid support carers provide. Further, with the increase in population and better healthcare increasing life expectancy, there will be greater demand on such care and support. The Committee believes it is essential that carers of working age are able to sustain their ability to remain in work and are provided help in returning to work. In June 2008, the Government published its new 10 year vision for carers "Carers at the Heart of the 21st Century Families and Communities" ( The publication set out a number of commitments, including: the provision of information and advice; breaks provision for carers; improved support from the NHS; support to help carers better combine work and care. The Committee though expresses disappointment that the issue of benefits for carers was not directly addressed in the Carers Strategy and has only been identified as a long term priority from 2011 onwards. The Committee states that the current system of benefits for carers is outdated and recommends the introduction of two distinctive tiers of support for carers, offering: (i) income replacement support for carers unable to work, or working only part-time; (ii) compensation for additional costs of caring for all carers intensive caring roles. The financial pressures on carers arise from additional costs of caring and from reduced working hours, moving into lower paid work, or giving up work. One of the major reasons that carers struggle to remain in work is because of a lack of affordable, reliable and flexible care services. Carers often lose touch with the work environment and the Committee believes that where people have been caring for someone over a long period of time, they require a tailored support to re-enter employment, supported by advisers. The Committee believes that a joined up cross-governmental approach is required to ensure that carers are supported in the wider social care system. For Volume 2 of this report, oral and written evidence, see (ISBN 9780215523495).
A Paradigm of Care
Language: en
Pages: 165
Authors: Robert Stake, Merel Visse
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2021-01-01 - Publisher: IAP

Remember the pots hammered by spoons from high Manhattan windows, and parades of cars and pick-up trucks holding dear the medical professionals responding to covid-19. This book is part of that chorus, that march, to express appreciation for the giving of care. And beyond doctors and nurses, bless their hearts, to mothers caring for their babies, for captains for their teams, for the soon-to-be widowers for their wives and teachers for their students, but also for the ranchers for their cattle and the contemplative world for our environment. This is a book to think more closely of the support for care, individual as it so often will be, to be woven more closely together in a paradigm of care. Care is always prominent. Care for others, of the family, care for those of the tribe, care for animals and homes and gardens and properties, self-care. And the purse. Even without teaching, compensation, or legislation, care survives, but even with these helpings, it falls short of the need. We live in a crisis of care. Thinking explicitly and beyond health care. There is no mechanism of state and conscience that delivers care to all the venues of need, and seldom in the amounts needed. The reservoirs of care are far from empty, but at a mark that needs topping up. There is need for care advocacy, a care ethic, a paradigm. This book is about that paradigm. A care paradigm may bring comfort and recovery more fully to the people and organic creations of the world. The paradigm hears the moan of indifference. It draws upon the eyes of the heart. The paradigm is about how we see the need for care. The care paradigm, the grand beholding, is manifest in how we provide for others, how we nurture them, give succor, how we are disposed, and are not, to sacrifice to relieve their hurt. It is not only caring for those visibly needing care, unable to care for themselves, but caring for all. It is having a disposition that the hurts, large and small, that all of us carry, arouse concern and appreciation from and for each individual, the community and the world.
The Heartbeat of Intelligence
Language: en
Pages: 136
Authors: Elaine Matthews
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit
Type: BOOK - Published: 2001-07-10 - Publisher: iUniverse

The Evolving Heart Nature's Astonishing Evolutionary Intention for Humanity The Heartbeat of Intelligence shows why we are not fulfilling our potential, as individuals and as a species. It shows how and why we stepped off the evolutionary path intended by Nature, a path which would have put us several evolutionary steps ahead of where we are now had we not strayed from it. The book shows how stepping off the path has severely jeopardized the mysterious connection between the heart and the brain, a connection which is essential for our continued evolution as a species. The author believes that we will not continue evolving or even survive as a species without that understanding. The book explains: The theory of neoteny and why this is the most crucial aspect of human evolution. Why synchronicity is the law by which human beings will live in the future. How left-brain dominance has led to nearly all of the problems we face today. Why Nature is far more profound and mysterious than science allows. Why seeing the Universe as a hologram answers so many puzzling questions. Love and compassion, passion and joy, goodness and beauty, are the birthright of every human being, built into our genes and intended by Nature to speak in every beat of our heart. The book shows us the delightful steps of joy and lightness which will not only take us several evolutionary steps forward, but will help us save our beautiful planet. Astonishingly, this could all be accomplished in less than a generation.
The Lost Art of Caring
Language: en
Pages: 288
Authors: Leighton E. Cluff, Robert H. Binstock
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2003-05-01 - Publisher: JHU Press

, bring together experts to address the importance of caring, the reasons why it has eroded, and measures that can strengthen caring as provided by health professionals, families, communities, and society.
Language: en
Pages: 96
Authors: June Hunt
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2017-09-29 - Publisher: Rose Publishing

Caregiving is part of the minibook Hope for the Heart series that has sold over one million copies. Caregivers want to do their best, but the challenges of helping someone day after day can be draining. Where do you find strength and energy to care for others—no matter what circumstances? This quick guide to caregiving covers the issues that caregivers face, defines the roadblocks and their causes, and shows steps to solution with biblical hope and practical advice.
The Mission of the Heart
Language: en
Pages: 52
Authors: Amethyst Stone
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012-11-01 - Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

This book was created to send a positive message. Combining reality and desire, this collection of poetry describes the heart s intent. Romance, love and despair ring out though pain, rejection, yearning, and desolation spread yet giving a sense of some promise and hope for the future. Whether we experience love s pain and sorrow outwardly or, hold it deep within our heart, we can all appreciate knowing that, at one time or another, others have shared, or even now share our hurt derived from rejection; others too, understand the longing for the promise of true, unrequited love.