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The Companion to the Book of Common Worship

by Peter C. Bower
Publisher: Geneva Press
Release Date: 2003-01-01
Genre: Religion
Pages: 176 pages
ISBN 13: 0877882487
ISBN 10: 9780877882480
Format: PDF, ePUB, MOBI, Audiobooks, Kindle


Published during the tenth anniversary of the Book of Common Worship (1993), The Companion to the Book of Common Worship is a practical guide, answering questions such as how do I use the Book of Common Worship to its fullest advantage? and how can the Book of Common Worship form a congregation into a community that glorifies and enjoys God?
The Companion to the Book of Common Worship
Language: en
Pages: 350
Authors: Peter C. Bower
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2003-01-01 - Publisher: Geneva Press

Published during the tenth anniversary of the Book of Common Worship (1993), The Companion to the Book of Common Worship is a practical guide, answering questions such as how do I use the Book of Common Worship to its fullest advantage? and how can the Book of Common Worship form a congregation into a community that glorifies and enjoys God?
The Oxford Guide to The Book of Common Prayer
Language: en
Pages: 640
Authors: Charles Hefling, Cynthia Shattuck
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2006-07-01 - Publisher: Oxford University Press

The Oxford Guide to the Book of Common Prayer is the first comprehensive guide to the history and usage of the original Book of Common Prayer and its variations. Expert contributors from around the world and from every major denomination offer an unparalleled view of The Book of Common Prayer and its influence. The Oxford Guide to Common Prayer is more than simply a history: it describes how Anglican churches at all points of the compass have developed their own Prayer Books and adapted the time-honored Anglican liturgies to their diverse local cultures. The Guide examines how the same texts - Daily Prayers, the Eucharist, Marriage and Funerals, and many others - in dozens of editions now in use throughout the world, both resemble and differ from one another. A brief look at "electronic Prayer Books" also offers a unique and exciting modern perspective. The Oxford Guide to the Book of Common Prayer offers a fascinating journey through the history and development of a classic of world literature from its origins in the 16th century to the modern day. Oxford is pleased to offer The Book of Common Prayer in a variety of formats and prices to match readers' needs and budgets - perfect for study or gift-giving. Visit our website to order your copy today. * A comprehensive survey of the rich history of the original Book of Common Prayer and all of its varied descendents. * Explains, characterizes, and illustrates the dozens of Prayer Book versions in current use throughout the world. * Lays out a path that will enable any reader, Anglican or not, to learn why the BCP is a classic of liturgy and literature.
A Companion to the History of the Book
Language: en
Pages: 624
Authors: Simon Eliot, Jonathan Rose
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-08-24 - Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

From the early Sumerian clay tablet through to the emergence of the electronic text, this Companion provides a continuous and coherent account of the history of the book. Makes use of illustrative examples and case studies of well-known texts Written by a group of expert contributors Covers topical debates, such as the nature of censorship and the future of the book
The Thiselton Companion to Christian Theology
Language: en
Pages: 884
Authors: Anthony C. Thiselton
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-02-06 - Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

Covering everything from Abba to Zwingli, The Thiselton Companion to Christian Theology offers a comprehensive account of a wide sweep of topics and thinkers in Christian theology. Written entirely by eminent scholar Anthony Thiselton, the book features a coherence lacking in most multiauthored volumes. Drawing on his encyclopedic knowledge, gained from fifty-plus years of study and teaching, Thiselton provides some six hundred articles on various aspects of theology throughout the centuries. The entries comprise both short descriptive surveys and longer essays of original assessment on central theological topics -- such as atonement, Christology, God, and Holy Spirit -- and on such theologians as Aquinas, Augustine, Barth, Calvin, Kng, Luther, Moltmann, and Pannenberg. The book also includes a helpful time chart dating all of the theologians discussed and highlighting key events in Christian history; select reading suggestions conclude each of the longer entries. Equally valuable for research and teaching, The Thiselton Companion to Christian Theology will be a go-to reference for pastors, students, teachers, and theologians everywhere.
The A to Z of Anglicanism
Language: en
Pages: 626
Authors: Colin Buchanan
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2009-08-04 - Publisher: Scarecrow Press

Anglicanism arguably originated in 1534 when Parliament passed the Act of Supremacy, which transferred papal power over the Church of England to the king. Today, approximately 550 dioceses are located around the world, not only in England, but also everywhere that the British Empire's area of influence extended. With an estimated total membership of about 75 million, Anglicanism is one of the largest and most varied Christian denominations. With such a long history and widespread flock, it is not easy to keep track of the variations of a religious community that has not ceased adapting since its inception. Hundreds of entries on significant persons and events, concepts and institutions, rituals and liturgy, and national communities, make this an invaluable reference for religious historians, theologians, and researchers. Also included are an introduction, a chronology that traces the church's evolution over time, and a bibliography.
A Companion to Common Worship
Language: en
Pages: 304
Authors: Paul F. Bradshaw
Categories: Anglican Communion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2001 - Publisher: SPCK Publishing

To complement the popular 'how to do it' publications, which give guidance on the move to Common Worship, a serious and scholarly commentary on the whole range of Common Worship texts is offered here. There is an historical survey of the origins and development of each rite from New Testament times, through the Middle Ages, the Reformation, and up to the present day. This is followed by a detailed commentary on the rite as a whole, and on each part of it, including a comparison with the ASB and other contemporary liturgies, and a short list of books for further reading.
Eucharist and Globalization
Language: en
Pages: 340
Authors: Claudio Carvalhaes
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-10-30 - Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

"The ritual of eating and drinking together is one of the most important Christian events. Often called Eucharist, Lord's Supper, or Communion, this sacrament is about the presence of Christ transforming not only those who participate in it but also the world. In this book, the author engages this Christian liturgical act with movements of people around our globalized world and checks the sacramental borders of hospitality. The author calls our attention to the sacramental practices of Reformed churches and, from this liturgical practice, challenges Christian churches to expand the borders of hospitality. Engaging several critical lenses around the notion of the sacrament--namely, Greco-Roman meals, Calvin's theology, and feminist and Latin American theologies--the author challenges theological and liturgical understandings of the Eucharist. He fosters an interreligious dialogue around the table and ends up using ritual theory to expand the circles of traditions, vocabularies, and practices around the sacrament. Proposing a borderless border eucharistic hospitality, the author encourages readers to ask who and where we are when we get together to eat and drink, and how this liturgical act around Jesus' table/meal can transform the lives of the poor, our communities, societies, and the world."
A Companion to Anglican Eucharistic Theology
Language: en
Pages: 792
Authors: Brian Douglas
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012 - Publisher: BRILL

Anglican eucharistic theology varies between the different philosophical assumptions of realism and nominalism. This book presents case studies from the 20th Century to the Present and avoids the hermeneutic idealism of particular church parties by critically examining the Anglican eucharistic tradition.
The Oxford Handbook of Presbyterianism
Language: en
Pages: 688
Authors: Gary Scott Smith, P.C. Kemeny
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2019-07-01 - Publisher: Oxford University Press

Presbyterianism emerged during the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation. It spread from the British Isles to North America in the early eighteenth century. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Presbyterian denominations grew throughout the world. Today, there are an estimated 35 million Presbyterians in dozens of countries. The Oxford Handbook of Presbyterianism provides a state of the art reference tool written by leading scholars in the fields of religious studies and history. These thirty five articles cover major facets of Presbyterian history, theological beliefs, worship practices, ecclesiastical forms and structures, as well as important ethical, political, and educational issues. Eschewing parochial and sectarian triumphalism, prominent scholars address their particular topics objectively and judiciously.
Celebrating the Eucharist
Language: en
Pages: 218
Authors: Patrick Malloy
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2007 - Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

In this first new Eucharistic customary in nearly 20 years, Patrick Malloy, an Episcopal priest and liturgical scholar, presents a clear, illustrated guide for the presider and other leaders of the liturgy, contemporary in approach but based on ancient and classic principles of celebration. The 1979 Book of Common Prayer, like its predecessors, is long on telling the Church what to say, and short on telling it what to do. This leaves those who "choreograph" Prayer Book liturgies with a complex task and a powerful influence over the faith of the Church. The author begins with a concise theology of the liturgy that underpins all of his specific directives in the book. Contents include: Theological and liturgical principles; Liturgical ministry and liturgical ministers; Liturgical space; Vesture, vessels, and other liturgical objects; The liturgical year; The shape of the liturgy; The sung liturgy and singing during the liturgy; The order of the Eucharist (the "heart" of the book); and The celebration of Baptism during the Eucharist.
Do this in Remembrance of Me
Language: en
Pages: 512
Authors: Bryan D. Spinks
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-02-10 - Publisher: SCM Press

Bryan Spinks is one of the world’s leading scholars in the field of liturgy and to have a comprehensive work by him on the Eucharist is a major catch for SCM. Like the author’s previous work on Baptism, this will become a standard work about the Eucharist and Eucharistic theology worldwide. The book, a study of the history and theology of the Eucharist, is the fifth volume in the SCM Studies in Worship and Liturgy series and will help to establish the series as a place for landmark books of liturgical scholarship.
Together for A Season
Language: en
Pages: 192
Authors: Gillian Ambrose
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2009 - Publisher: Church House Publishing

The third volume of the Together for a Season series, helping church leaders use the Common Worship seasonal liturgy in an all-age context. This volume provides all-age service resources for the Agricultural Year, All Saints, Remembrance Sunday and major saints' days.